3 Million Lives - 3 Million Yards

I created 3 Million Lives - 3 Million Yards when I  realized that in the 3 years it will take me to complete my 3 major swims, 3,000,000 lives will have been lost to suicide based on the World Health Organization's estimates.

In recognition of that immense loss, and as a memorial to those who have taken their own lives, I have committed to swim 3 million yards on my way to swimming the English Channel in 2013. I will begin documenting my swim yardage on June 1, 2010 and post the results at the end of each month.

The challenge of addressing suicide seems overwhelming, but by taking small steps each day we can make progress. I hope by tracking my daily yardage it will help people see that efforts to prevent suicide can be made in small amounts each day; and that each day is an opportunity to make a difference. 

Elk Lake

Elk Lake, Oregon with the 10,358 Feet (3,157 Meters) South Sister in the background

Photograph by Bob Needham

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