Crater Lake 8159 feet/2487 meters

Born on Long Island in 1953, I moved to Bethesda, Maryland where I attended high school and was a co-captain of the swim team. I swam distance freestyle, and I freely admit that it was because I wasn't fast enough to swim the shorter races; and frankly, no one else was willing to swim the longer distances. In the summers I returned to Long Island to lifeguard on the Atlantic Ocean at Nassau Beach. 

I went on to college at Johns Hopkins University to swim on the team under Coach Frank Comfort. Unfortunately, due to physical and mental health challenges I had to drop from the program, and leaving Hopkins after completing my first year. The following year I decided to hitchhike around the country for a year to explore it and experience true freedom for the fist time. Following that year I decided to return to the one place where I felt most at ease; and a place where I felt focused enough to do well in school. So off I went to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.

It was at the University of Colorado where I developed a love for the high mountains, and graduated in 1976 majoring in Philosophy & Physics. I began working at Denali National Park in Alaska during the summers while attending Colorado. After graduating I continued working at Denali, but spent my winters traveling overseas. In 1979, instead of traveling around the world, I opened up a new chapter in my life by gaining entry into the University of Oregon Law School. I successfully graduated with a JD in 1982 completing their Natural Resources & Environmental Law, and Ocean & Coastal Law programs. In 1982 while preparing to take the Oregon State Bar, I trained with a high school team in Eugene, Oregon, and went on to swim in the US Masters National Championships. Later that year I swam with a club in Lake Oswego, and went on to be named a Long Distance All American by US Masters Swimming.

I moved to Santa Barbara, California during the late 1980's where I practiced law. In addition to working and raising a family, I found a renewed passion for surfing and open water swimming. I was the Head Swim Coach for Santa Barbara Special Olympics for 7 years; and I created the "Bob's Bluffs" campaign to contribute to a much larger effort to privately purchase the Carpinteria Bluffs for use as a public park. I returned to Oregon in 2004 where I now live with Diana my wife of 29 years, our grown daughter, 17 year old son and 2 grandchildren.

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