Fat Salmon 5K & Applegate 10K Ahead

Today I head off to Seattle for the first day of my toughest open water weekend ever! First up is the Seattle Fat Salmon on Saturday morning. With the option to swim either a 1.2 mile or 3.2 mile distance, I have chosen the 3.2 mile swim. This distance better suits me. A one mile race is too short, and the swimmers too fast. The water temperature is expected to be 66° - 68° F, a big change from the 57° F last weekend in the San Francisco Bay and a good temperature for a 5K.

Fat Salmon Race Map

After my race I jump in the car and head south for an 8 hour & 20 minute drive to Applegate Lake on the Oregon side of the California border. After the long drive I think I'll be passing on the opportunity to camp out and find a bed in Grants Pass, thus leaving the last hour of driving for the morning of the race.

Seattle 2 Applegate

The 10K should be a great race: the first time the distance is being offered in an Oregon Masters open water event. Both the 5K and 10K races will start together. The hard part will be to avoid the temptation of trying to go with the 5K swimmers. On the other hand I don't want to start off too slow, otherwise it will be a long day, and with the daytime highs projected to be in the 90's, I could be in line for a heck of a sunburn. Water Temperature is projected to be 72° - 74° F. Wonderful.

2008 AL 1 H-L

Photograph by Bob Needham

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