Race Season Shortened

Well I gave it my best. I suffered a minor knee injury last January and it has slowly, but surely, getting worse. It is now interfering with my swimming as flip-turns in the pool have become increasingly difficult. I need to get this behind me so I can begin training for my Catalina Channel attempt next year. The solution is a relatively straight forward outpatient surgery. I should have it right away, so I have scheduled it for next week after my Deer Creek 10K and Horsetooth 10K back to back swims. This means I have to delay my Little Red Lighthouse 5.65 mile swim in New York, and my Double crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge which were planned for the end of September. I will need to keep weight off the knee for 6 weeks so I'll have to come up with a new training program to maintain fitness during that period. I'm confident that everything will go well, and that it will allow me to train harder next year than I was able to this year.

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