Where Was Your Blog In 2012?

Occasionally someone contacts me to tell me they enjoy my website. Invariably the subject turns to a question: What happened to your blog in 2012? A very good question and one that I have asked myself many times. Had I grown tired and lost interest in the project? Was I just mentally and physically exhausted? Had I gone into hibernation? I believe the best way to answer the question is to look back on last year, and at something I've learned in the process.

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There have definitely been times when I'd rather be taking a nap on the beach

Photograph Courtesy of David Adler

When I was in my 20's an acquaintance told me that he knew many people who talked about the things they were going to do, but that I was among a small number of people that actually went out and did them. I appreciated the complement, but I didn't think what I did was unusual. Of course, what I have come to learn is that like people attract, and the people I hung around all did the same thing. It wasn't unusual, we were all doing it. That was true about my personal friends then, and it is true of my personal and digital friends now. They all dream big things, go out do them, and think there is nothing particularly remarkable about what they did.

Unfortunately, I have a failing. And that is, occasionally I bite off a bit more than I can chew at a time. When that happens I just need to get up from the table and take a break. That's what happened last summer. Bob Swims came into being in January of 2010, and it had been 2 very challenging and emotional years. While I maintained my focus for my swims in June and July, I just couldn't get focused enough to sit down and write. I just needed a mental break from Bob Swims. In addition, it didn't help that writing comes so hard for me. Some people just whip things out, maintaing a very active blog. I envy them. For me it is a slow, laborious and painful process filled with doubt.

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We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and this is surely one of my weaknesses. However, one of my strengths is that I don't give up. It is partly driven by my vision, but is supplemented with a lot of guilt that only someone raised Catholic can understand. I owed it to my supporters to share the events that are at the core of Bob Swims, and by not keeping my blog current, I was letting them down.

But I am back sitting at the table attacking the things in front of me. And I will do my best to fill in some history and begin to blogging on a regular basis.

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