My Team


The Ambassadors

  • Don Schollander: Olympic Medalist: 5 Gold, 1 Silver; Former World Record Holder; Swimming Hall of Fame
  • Steven Munatones: USA Open Water Team Coach; Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame; 25K World Champion
  • Melissa Cunningham: FINA 25K Open Water World Champion
  • Jamie Patrick - Adventure Swimmer; 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year
  • Daniel Slosberg: Double & Single Catalina Channel Crossings

Support Crew

The Kayakers

  • Leslie Thomas - Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
  • Jennifer Pranger - Catalina Channel
  • Brent Stevens - Tampa Bay 24 Mile Marathon Swim
  • Aurora Martin - Portland Bridge 11 Mile Swim
  • Scott Reeves - Portland Bridge 11 Mile Swim
  • Steve Slaugh & Dave Raulston - Deer Creek 10K
  • Blair Hanna - Horsetooth 10K


I want to personally to thank the many, many people who made contributions to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on behalf of Bob Swims.

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