Here are some outstanding swimming videos. If you don't swim in open water, here is your chance to get a peek of what goes on during a swim and the challenges of this exciting sport.

Freediver Nery at Stunning Dean's Blue Hole

This amazing video, part fact, part fiction, but thoroughly amazing is said to have been shot entirely on breath-hold by Julie Gautier. In the video world champion Guillaume Nery decends into an erie darkness and then finds himself climibing out of the hole beneath the water's surface. An artistic interpretation of free-diving into a deep sea hole. A must see. I recommend viewing it full screen in 1080p HD.

Karen Rodgers - Snow Swimming

Karen Rogers is one of a very small group of swimmers who have taken the notion of cold water swimming to another level. If you find yourself asking why would some one go out of their way to swim in water this cold, don't worry you are not alone. True cold water marathon swimmers are a rare breed indeed.

2010 USA 10K Championship's Exciting Finish

After 6 miles the race comes down to the last 100 meters. A six man race suddenly becomes a two man race, but is followed by a frantic last minute surge by the pack with Fran Crippen holding on for the win. Some say that distance freestylers don't kick very hard. This is clearly not the case at the end of this race. Tragically Fran died later that year when he succumbed to heat exhaustion during a race in United Arab Emirates.

Karen Rogers & Cathy Delneo Lake Tahoe Ice Swim

To qualify as an official Ice Swim, the swimmer has to swim at least 1 mile in water 41° F or colder. This sport attracts a special type of individual who is driven to the limits of what is possible in the world of open water swimming. Karen and Cathy are 2 such individuals.

Miyuki Fujita Crosses Suruga Bay

Miyuki Fujita crossing the very difficult Suruga Bay. Despite unbelievably tough conditions she broke her own World Record by crossing the bay three times in 11 hours and 13 minutes by nearly 2 hours.

Ice Skating - Ice Swimming

Leave it to the Norwegians to come up with a new winter sport. Not for everyone.

Can Do Spirit

A video of an amazing young swimmer with a determination to win.

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon - Swim Portion

This video shows the swim leg of the 2008 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. I was somewhere in that crowd, and I can assure you that it was as wild as it looks. Don't miss the dramatic rocking of the boat as athletes move to one side in preparation for their jump. While I do my open water swimming without a wetsuit, they are legal in most triathlons. Their buoyancy gives you a substantial advantage, so I chose to compete in one that day.

Cold Water Swim Around Beginish Island, Ireland

This documents a group taking on the challenging cold water swim around of Beginish Island in Ireland. This somewhat lengthy video seems to ask the question why do people take on cold water swims. Ultimately you may find yourself being even more puzzled after viewing it.

Swimming in Rough and Choppy Water by Leslie Thomas of Swim Art

Leslie Thomas the owner of Swim Art of San Francisco, provides great advice on how to swim in rough water and enjoy it.

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