Easter Williams - Like No Other

You may not be a fan of Ester Williams, and she never claimed to be an open water swimmer, but you have to marvel at her athletic ability.  She was a three-time national swim champion who set multiple national records. She qualified for three events in the 1940 Olympics, but they were canceled because World War II.

Williams did her own stunts and suffered many serious injuries, including a near drowning, broken eardrums and, worst of all, a broken back. During the filming of her most famous film, Million Dollar Mermaid in 1952, she broke three vertebrae and was left in a full body cast for six months. She went on to film Easy to Love in 1953. She was pregnant during shooting for that film, but still performed her own waterskiing stunts.



You have to ask yourself: could I perform all the the things she does in this video? She may have never been an open water swimmer, but she was tough enough to have taken on just about anything.

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