The Mission

I started Bob Swims for 2 reasons. First, from the urgent need to raise awareness of the great tragedy that results when someone takes their own life. It affects so many people in so many ways. Second, it is to have an opportunity to pursue the joy I find in open water swimming.

In addition to my major marathon swims, I have successfully completed a rare double crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge in 2012. While short in comparison to my major swims, the double crossing is symbolic for a couple of reasons. First, more suicides have been committed at the Golden Gate Bridge than anywhere else in the world. Second, crossing over and back is reflective of a person's journey across the abyss of suicidal thoughts, and the return back to safety. Gary Emich of Lane-Lines to Shore-Lines provided the essential boat support. 

I hope by tackling these challenging marathon swims that I can bring attention to the great need to address this critical health issue. Suicide is an issue that must be discussed out in the open, and I hope that I can do my small part through Bob Swims.


Photograph by Bob Needham

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