The Swims

Triple Crown

2011 Catalina Channel Crossing
Now called 20 Bridges, a 21 mile channel crossing from Southern California to Catalina Island.
2012 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
A 28 mile swim around the entire island of Manhattan.
2019 English Channel Crossing
The queen of all open water marathon swims.

Bob Swims uses a number of famous marathon swims to help raise public awareness of the suicide crisis. Among those swims 3 of them are referred to as the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. They include the Catalina Channel in 2011, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS) in 2012, and finishing with the most difficult and infamous one, the English Channel in 2013. I successfully swam across the Catalina Channel in 2011 and MIMS in 2012. 

Both the Catalina Channel and the English Channel are a little over 20 miles wide, but with the ever present currents they can be significantly longer, particularly the English Channel. It is worth noting that more people have stood on the summit of Mount Everest than have swum across the English Channel. In the history of marathon swimming, only 142 people have successfully completed  Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Gratefully, I conquered the Catalina Channel (2011) and MIMS (2012), but my attempt to swim the English Channel in 2013 came up short. Unwilling to give up, I am returning to attempt to swim the Channel in 2019

All of my swims will be done under traditional English Channel Rules which limit a swimmer’s attire to a bathing suit, goggles and a thin latex or silicone swim cap. As I look forward to 2017 and 2018, I want to thank Leslie Thomas of Swim Art,and Dennis Baker, the coach of Oregon Reign Masters Swim Club for their invaluable assistance. In addition, Leslie was the leader on my support team for both the Catalina Channel Swim and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, I simply could not have succeeded without her selfless help.

Portland Bridge Swim

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